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Digital Skills Bootcamps are offered by some of the UK’s top learning providers and academic institutions. Microsoft helps support each provider with specialist courseware designed to upskill and reskill people of any background with the most in-demand tech skills employers are looking for.

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Changing lives

The opportunity to learn digital skills is important for to help boost the long-term employability of the UK workforce, which will help drive business and economic growth.

Raymond's story

After graduating from university at the beginning of the pandemic, Raymond found himself working in temporary jobs with no prospect for progression. In his spare time, he would solve coding challenges online, knowing that he wanted to turn his passion for tech into a career. But a disrupted world felt like a barrier to entry - it was then, that he came across the bootcamp. After 12-weeks of intensive training, Raymond found the knowledge path that would secure him a role in cloud computing soon after.

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Pillerina's story

Originally from Estonia, Pilleriina moved to London and started a 15-year career as a croupier in a casino. Following Covid redundancy, she successfully completed a Microsoft-supported digital skills bootcamp before securing a full time role and commencing a data apprenticeship. Pilleriina’s story is a reminder of how our skills programmes can truly transform lives across the UK. The entire team were struck by her energy, growth mindset and determination.

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Next gen talent for your business

Skills Bootcamps offer a great source of diverse tech talent for you to consider joining your organisation. Many graduates have invested into these skills off their own backs, showing their aspirations for a career in tech and strong work ethic that can strengthen your own workplace culture.

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How it works

Each free, flexible course can last up to 16 weeks and is open to anyone aged 19 or over who is either employed or recently unemployed in England. After completing a course, students are awarded a Microsoft certification that is recognised across industries as a key indicator of their digital skills and capabilities

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